Dalmatian Cuisine

In Europe it is hard to find a country in which, in such a small area, so much diversity exists as in Croatia. The historical turbulence, geographic and climatic features, diversity of cultural heritage, the varied characteristics of rural and urban localities, all contribute to the wealth of Croatia’s culinary diversity. Sailing and gastronomy go […]

Islands near Split – catamaran charter paradise

BRAČHVARVIS The largest of the islands of the Split Archipelago is Brač, known worldwide as the island of stone and wind. Island of stone, because the finest quality stone has been quarried here for centurise by the highly skilled and hard working local stone masons. It has been used to build not only the local [...]

Split the best catamaran charter destination

A wash in the warm charm of the Mediterranean, Split is a city with rich history, not only within the walls of its museums, palaces and churches, but in the city itself. Its heritage speaks loudest and has done so since the times of Antiquity, on the Peristyle and from its stone houses, while the […]