A wash in the warm charm of the Mediterranean, Split is a city with rich history, not only within the walls of its museums, palaces and churches, but in the city itself. Its heritage speaks loudest and has done so since the times of Antiquity, on the Peristyle and from its stone houses, while the true Mediterranean spirit lives in the vibrant cellars, in the murmur at the street corners, in the squares and it the beauty of the waterfront. If you follow the weave of these white, stone-paved streets to the edge of the sea which gently rocks the moored boats, you will discover a city in which the famous Roman emperor Diocletian left the imperial mark of his presence on every corner, together with the saint he decided to execute. The area of the islands around Split is probably one of the most popular catamaran charter destinstion in Croatia for a number of different reasons. Here you can enjoy the rising of the summer sun, with a view that extends all the way to the outermost islands in the open waters of the Adriatic.

The city port of Split

The city port of Split is a large ferry port, requiring extra caution when approaching. Ships leaving the port have the right of way in manoeuvring, which it is advisable not to disrupt. It is also forbidden to anchor in any part of the port, except in emergencies. The port is entered through a wide passage marked by lights and day-time markings. When approaching the port the following landmarks can be used: the prominent bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Domnius; Cape Sustipan; and a stone monument to seafarers in the shape of a lighthouse, which is in fact a lighted stone obelisk (Fl(2) W 20s 54m 10M). On the port (left-hand) side stony Cape Sustipan there is a red tower with a red light (Fl R 6s 9m 5M), while on the starboard (right-hand) side of the entrance to the port, on the head of the main breakwater, there is a prominent green lighthouse (Fl G 6s 11m 10M), equipped with a fog signal and 30-second horn. When approaching ACI’s marina white rocks can be seen on the wooded peninsula of Sustipan, as can the inside breakwater at the eastern entrance to the marina, marked by a red tower with a column, gallery and light (Fl R 2s 6m 3M). The reception building, restaurants and workshops in the marina are also visible. When approaching the marina and the small ports to the west of it, steer closer to the head of the inside breakwater. In the most beautiful part of the city’s port, north of the Sustipan peninsula, lies ACI Marina Split– the main marina for yacht charter Split. It is open all year round, its long breakwater providing excellent protection from rough seas and southerly winds that are so often mentioned in many popular local songs. It is at ACI Marina Split that the Split Lungomare begins; this longest promenade in the Adriatic – and certainly one of the most beautiful – will take you to the famous and diverse beaches of this “beautiful, sun-kissed flower of the Mediterranean,” as another popular song puts it.

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Marinas in Split Archipelago are located on Brač at Milna, on Hvar at Vrbovska and just off Hvar Town on the Pakleni Islands.

  • ACI Palmižana – has nestled in a beautiful bay opposite the island of Hvar. Palmizana carries the soulful melody of the South, smell of the sea, sound of the breeze in pine branches, the warmth of summer and undulation of waves along the boat sides.
  • ACI Vrbovska – due to the bridge, islands, beautiful old buildings and the Venetian painting riches in the parish church of St. Lawrence, Vrbovska called little Venice.
  • ACI Milna – marina offers all the treasures of the island Brac; from the Heritage Museum in Škrip and desert Blace to the fair inGažul and Vidova hill. But first you should check out the newly opened restaurants Navigare, with which ACI began to introduce common standards of hospitality to its marinas.
  • ACI Marina Split – the main marina for yacht charter Split. It is open all year round. Its long breakwater providing excellent protection from rough seas and southerly winds. More information about ACI Marinas find here: www.aci-marinas.com Fuel can be found on Šolta Island at Rogač, on Brač Island at Milna, Sumartin and Bol, on Hvar Islands at Hvar and Vrbovska and on Vis Island at Vis. If you like what you read its a right time to charter yacht in Croatia.
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  • Marina Kaštela
  • Marina Baotić
  • Marina Trogir
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