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If you never chartered a catamaran before and you are in a dilemma by the prospect of being the captain responsible for the boat, here are some tips to make everything go smoothly:

Before choosing a catamaran, please bear in mind the following details: How many people will be on board? Does your group consist of pairs who can share the same cabin, or do some crew members require a separate cabin? Do you prefer comfort? Do you require a skipper or not? If you need skipper’s services, please bear in mind that the skipper sleeps on board as well, so one of the berths (either in the saloon area or in a cabin) should belong to him.

If you have no sailing experience at all, or if you do not possess an officially recognized sailing license, you are obliged to hire a skipper. Even if you have experience in sailing, but are not sure in your maneuvering skills, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional skipper for at least several days, so as to make your cruise more relaxing.

Boat owners & charter companies will help you create an itinerary that suits your travel needs & wishes. They know where you cansafely anchor, get supplies, find privacy ar enjoy company.


Select the catamaran that suit you by using our search tool and send us request using the online form or contact us by e-mail, phone call or by any other way which is in use nowdays (Skype, Facebook). If you are already experienced with choosing and booking catamarans for your holiday and you know exactly which catamaran will suit your needs you can choose the desired boat in our database and send us the inquiry.


After you send us the inquiry in a short time we will send you all details and information required for chartering of that boat. If you are not experienced with choosing and booking catamarans we will be happy to help you and recommend you several yachts which are available and we think that would suit you, and extra services if you need any (skipper, hostess, chief etc.).


Upon your final decision, you will receive the official offer by e-mail which will include all the neccesary information on price, VAT, terms of payment, check-in-out procedure, etc. After receiving your confirmation we will put option on boat you chose. The option means that this boat will be kept for you and blocked for booking for any other inquiry (max 7 days). The option gives you enough time to make your final decision regarding the booking or to arrange some other travelling details like flights, ferry tickets. The usual, or standard charter period is 7 days (one week), from Saturday to Saturday. You may also charter a boat for a longer period (14 days (two weeks), 21 days (3 weeks). However, if you want to charter the boat (for example) for 3 days or 10 days, you have to understand that it is not the standard period and the price will not be proportionally lower than the price for a week, especially in the high season (July and August).