In Europe it is hard to find a country in which, in such a small area, so much diversity exists as in Croatia. The historical turbulence, geographic and climatic features, diversity of cultural heritage, the varied characteristics of rural and urban localities, all contribute to the wealth of Croatia’s culinary diversity. Sailing and gastronomy go hand in hand. If you sail Split’s archipelago without visiting islands of Brač, Hvar or Vis and its restaurants, you are missing out on the gastronomy multiformity this area has to offer.

Dalmatian Cuisine on the Island Brač, Hvar and Vis

Extremely comfortable Pojoda, with its exquisite and excellent service, is a restaurant that comes before other good restaurants in the town of Vis, on the Island of Vis. One should try the famous flat bread à la Vis (pogača). Sailors hurry to get their bargains in the morning, along with their viški hib (sweet bread), a dessert made of ground figs. The inevitable lobster with pasta, or prepared in salad is another incomparable dish, because the area of the Island of Vis is famous for their expert methods of catching this large crab. The people from the Island of Vis always recommend their citrus fruits, and experts claim that the lemons from Vis are the best in Dalmatia. The majority of restaurants offer stewes shells (buzara), with bread made under a clay of metal dish.
On the Island of Hvar, they will offer you gregada, a meal of various fish, prepared with onion, slow cooked in a clay dish. During the season, one should not miss artichoke with broad beans & biži (young peas), one of the best specialities of the Dalmatian cuisine, a method of showing who the true culinary master is.
Each island in the area of Split has its own native products, recipes and unique specialities. On the Island of Brač, they will offer you vitalac lamb giblets wrapped in offal & grilled on a spit, lamb tripe or a young goat on a spit. The people from Brač will not forget to praise their excellent citrus fruits, oranges, mandarinas and fig tree.

Sailor’s favorite restaurants in Dalmatia

Sailors are able to reach restaurants hidden in small island bays, especially those on the favourite coastal routes around the Brač, Hvar, Vis or Lastovo. Each island in Split’s archipelago has its own wine to offer. The southern sides of Brač, Vis & Hvar are known for Plavac mali and the respected wineries of this area. A significant withe wine is the Viška vugava (Vugava from Vis). In addition to their magnificent ambience, these island based restaurants offer supreme sea menus. Here are a few of our favourite:

Toto’s, Palmižana

The gate leading to the beach making Toto’s an ideal base for a combination of food and swimming. The menu is classically Dalmatian, with an understandable emphasis on seafood, which is caught daily and delivered to the chef.

PIPO Restaurant

Located in one of the most beautiful bays on the north side of the island, bay Luke. In the bottom of the bay, by the beach, there is a restaurant offering traditional Dalmatian dishes and shellfish and fish from our own breeding. Organized anchorage and mooring for larger boats (up to 4,5 m draft).


Family winery and restaurant. Restaurant’s speciality is “peka”, traditional croatian dish which here is served as seafood with rice or lamb with potatos.